Best TV Shows of 2013

Posted by Drat Swat on 01:40 PM, 11-Jun-13

This year saw lots of quality TV programs and it is time to assess the ones that stuck out. With fantasies, comedies, dramas, and even a zombie program, this season provides exceptional viewing for individuals of all tastes and interests. My individual favorite is Game of Thrones, however if a historical fantasy drama isn't to your taste, there are lots of various other outstanding options.

Right here is the list of the very best TV programs from this year.

Game of Thrones

Vast numbers of sailors were burned alive at the end of the 2nd season, and honorable dwarf, Tyrion Lannister is the unlikely hero but gets little acknowledgment for his bravery. Game of Thrones is a joy to view, even for those who are enthusiastic fans of the book series and have a vision of this fantasy world already in their minds. The production values are incredible for a tv program, with hundreds of actors wonderfully picked for their job, and scene selections that resemble those from original books. Don't lose out on this significant program. visit


Awake is a cop fantasy drama that originally premiered with the online television service, Hulu. The Daily Telegraph called the pilot episode "impressive" and the program received positive reviews from critics and viewers.

Happy Endings

Happy Endings is a single-camera comedy that premiered on April of 2012. It was intended to be a mid-season replacement by ABC and it was produced by Fan Fare Productions and Shark vs. Bear Productions. The show follows the adventures of six best buddies in Chicago.

Mad Men

A television dramatization about the personnel of one of New York city's elite advertising and marketing firms. This period-piece happens in the 1960s and faithfully depicts every detail of designs, decor, music and life that occurred in that tempestuous American decade.


Community is reputable comedy program that has quickly established a loyal following. It follows a diverse group of community college students as they struggle with the everyday life of those in such colleges.

Modern Family

Presented in a distinct mockumentary style, Modern Family makes use of a video method in which characters speak straight to the camera. It follows the life of Jay Pritchett, his 2 kids, stepson and second wife. The creators of the TV program created the series while they shared their tales of their own modern household. The series was critically critiqued and 12 million people watch the series regularly.

Parks and Recreation

The cutting wit and positive outlook of the program gives it an edge that is frequently missing in comedies. The characters are unique, however the setup recognizable to anyone who resides in small-town America. The program has caught the essence of each character as the creators continually discover ways to make the characters more intricate, so more human.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a television drama based on a comic book series. In his attempt to find his household, he discovers lots of survivors and does away with a large number of zombies.

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